UI Youth Environmental Action (UI YEA) has been an annual event since 2012. This year, a decade of UI YEA is ready to contribute more for a better environment. Economic activities nowadays still use the concept of take-make-dispose. Every year, more than 100 billion tons of natural resources are processed into a product. Most resources for economic activity come from resources extracted from the Earth: both finite (minerals, ores and fossil fuels) and renewable (biomass). Both have a very big impact on the landfill of waste in everyday life and do not rule out that in the long term, it will cause limited land, landfill, and limited natural resources.

A more effective concept transition is needed in order to achieve one of the values of the Sustainable Development Goals, that is number 12. Thus, the concept of value preservation and resource optimization is needed by presenting the concept of a circular economy. Therefore, The 11th UI Youth Environmental Action has brought the theme of "Unlocking The Circular Economy Potential For A Global Sustainable Future". This theme was chosen because the concept of a circular economy can create a more sustainable future that allows the environment to protect the available resources from the negative effects of industrial waste in the present and in the future."

Total Prize

Rp. 10.500.000,-

Unlocking the Circular Economy Potential for A Global Sustainable Future


Terms and Conditions

  • All essay delegates must be active undergraduate or diploma students from local or international universities.
  • Participants must register in a team.
  • One team consists of 3 students.
  • Each delegate in a team must be an active student at the same university (different majors are allowed).
  • Each delegate can only be registered in one team.
  • Each team can only submit one submission from one chamber.
  • Submissions must be fresh and have never been published in previous competition or online media.
  • If the submissions pass the deadline, the submission will automatically not enter the competition.
  • Participants who are selected as delegates must attend technical meetings, coaching, and finals. Delegates are recommended to attend the other 11th UI YEA event, such as the summit.
  • Delegates can receive point reduction or disqualification if delegates broke the rules.

For further information about ToR, Chamber, etc.[bem.ui.ac.id/The11thUIYEAEssayGuidebook]